Improving E-Business performance – Key recommendation 1

integrate e-business goals and objectives on all levels of strategic and operational planning

  • e-business benefits to the strategic direction must be clear and accepted at all levels
  • define and communicate a clear roadmap

Basic? Yes. Too basic for you? I don’t know. In my experience, this is still an issue. And not only for large, multinational organizations. A higher number of organizations then I expected have either no corporate objectives or have not (yet) translated these to operational levels in the organization.

As Cruyff always said: if I am going on a trip and I don’t know where, how will I know what to pack and which direction to take at the first crossroads (actually, he said the end of the street). This translates to organizations as well. Having a clear goal and direction helps the business to make the right decisions, pack the right lugage and take those roads which will lead in the genreal direction of the goal.

This makes it easier to demonstrate and experience the benefits of E-Business.

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